We are Robyn Eshelby and Retha Theart, the "farm girls". We chose the name of our business because it is what our urbanite friends call us. Above all else, we stand for family and friendship.

We live on a smallholding in a suburb called Chartwell North Estates, just north of Fourways, Gauteng. We have an assortment (or rather, a plethora) of pets, and raise livestock - pigs, goats, chickens and cattle - for our own consumption. Perhaps we'll have our own few thousand hectares on a REAL farm one day when the proverbial ship comes in!

We are what the Americans call "homesteaders" and what the Saffers call "maplotters"!

People often ask us why we choose to live the life we do. One of us was raised on a farm, and one of us was born with the heart of a farmer. It all seemed to come together when we moved to our smallholding. We absolutely love our life and if we could choose to do things differently, we wouldn't. We chase goats off our lawn day in and day out, we spend our lives repairing fences, and in between we chase ducks out of our swimming pool and entertain dogs for people! We wake up to the sounds of chickens and cows, we have the most beautiful view imagineable, we have no walls, and we live our lives outside in the fresh air. We get the first and last rays of sun every day, no matter the weather or the season. 

We are African and there is no place on this green earth that we would rather be.