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About Us

Farm Girls started trading in 2012. The business was born from a love of dogs and so it remains today. We took ownership of the farm in 2014. 

We are a registered company and hold more than 50 years' of combined dog experience in the team!

Owner - Robyn



My name is Robyn and I am the founder and managing director of Farm Girls. My wife, Retha, and I have a gorgeous daughter, too. 

My experience with dogs started as a small child - always more interested in dogs than in people, keenly observing and getting to feel what dogs mean when they exhibit certain behaviours. It's been an ongoing quest from all those years ago and it became my full time vocation in 2011.

I hold an internationally accredited diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour from the British College of Canine Studies as well as various certificates from the Dunbar Academy, Victoria Stilwell Academy, Ethology Institute Cambridge and more and I am constantly striving to learn and improve. 


Kennel Manager - Albert

Albert is our full-time kennel man and started with us in 2011, having worked for an acquaintance of ours for many years previously. Albert is Mozambican. He is extremely intuitive towards the needs of all animals and his compassion and empathy is hard to beat. 

Albert's wife and his five children (including a set of twins!) live in Mozambique. Albert visits them annually, and Louisa and the small children come to spend time on the farm with us from time to time.

Albert is an extremely talkative man with a real sense of humour. 

Staff Compliment


We are ably assisted by our domestic goddesses Buli and Rosie, as well as our Livestock Keeper, Silva.

Still to come: segments on our Client Engagement Consultant Ethan Naidoo and our Operations Consultant, Ryan.