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Doggy Daycare, Overnight Boarding and Behaviour

We fetch your dog from your home. We entertain your dog. We take your dog home. You have a tired, socialised and happy dog, and the fee is nominal.

Activities include running, playing, swimming and various other forms of hooliganism. But our emphasis is on socialising in an appropriate manner with other dogs, cats and livestock species, and basic obedience. This is a controlled environment and we do not set dogs up for failure.


That's pretty much the long and short of it. Good, clean fun (if you forget about the mud and grass seeds)! 

Our daycare transport service operates in specific areas on specific days using a specific route and is only applicable to the areas of Dainfern, Chartwell, Kengies, Fourways Gardens, Broadacres and Craigavon. 

We do not currently offer transport outside of these areas however we will be introducing a Lonehill/Magaliessig/Douglasdale/Jukskei Park route in February 2018.

Dogs attending five days per week will always be catered for irrespective of our route planning! 

We also have an option for folks to drop off and collect their dogs themselves. 

Caveat regarding owner transport: we are situated 4km into Chartwell North Estates (from Cedar Road), of which 4km of the trip is a dirt road that can be pretty savage sometimes. Cars with a low profile will likely get damaged.  

All dogs must attend a minimum of twice a week


We operate on a 6 month contract basis


All dogs must be used to socialising with other dogs in an off leash environment (puppies are different, we don't expect them to be social butterflies off the bat) 

All adult dogs must be exposed to cats

Dogs known to be aggressive (physically drawing blood on other dogs) are not permitted at daycare, though we are able to do a behavioural programme for you and once the aggression behaviour is sorted, the dog may be able to be enrolled;

Shy and nervous dogs are accommodated and will be eased into the programme

All dogs over the age of 7 months must be sterilised - contact us for clarification

Daycare is payable in advance for the month by the 28th of each month, with a 30-day cancellation/amendment policy in effect




Daycare ML (medium to large breeds – 35cm height but under 70cm height full grown - including collection and drop off by Farm Girls in our air-conditioned/heated van)*
1 dog @ R200.00       2 dogs @ R300.00       3 dogs @ R380.00      4 dogs @ R550.00
Typical ML breeds include Border Collies, Labradors, German Shepherds, Beagles, Golden Retrievers, Boxers etc.

Daycare S (small breeds – under 40cm height full grown - including collection and drop off by Farm Girls in our air-conditioned/heated van)*
Daily cost: 1 dog @ R140.00       2 dogs @ R200.00       3 dogs @ R300.00      4 dogs @ R400.00
Typical S breeds include Jack Russells, Yorkies, Dachshunds, Maltese, Poodles, etc.

Please contact us for a quote for XL breeds (over 70cm). XL breed puppies will initially be enrolled as ML, however Giant breed pricing will apply long term.
Typical XL breeds include Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Greyhound, and any dogs that reach over 70cm at their shoulder as adults.



Please contact us for a quote for dogs of multiple different sizes.

Daycare (customer transporting – no size/height consideration) 
Daily cost: 

1 dog @ R120.00       2 dogs @ R200.00       3 dogs @ R250.00      4 dogs @ R300.00

For self-transport customers, we open at 06h30 and close at 18h00 daily – you will be allocated your own access code (administration fee applicable)

Surcharge for any areas more than 10km one-way from Farm Girls  - minimum of R20.00 per dog per day (2 or more dogs) - R40.00 per single dog per day - these areas include The William, Dainfern Valley, Magaliessig, Douglasdale, Jukskei Park - please contact us for a quote
 *** Dogs attending three days a week or more qualify for a discount AND MORE!


We reserve the right to grant admission, and the right to renege on admission rights if the dog is a Seriously Bad Dog for whatever reason, or if we can see that the dog is maturing in a manner that is not conducive to an off-leash social environment

Enrolment includes a booking form, indemnity and T's and C's

Download our (once-off) Booking Form for DAYCARE and OVERNIGHT BOARDING here


Download our Terms & Conditions and Indemnity


Download Code of Ethics - Daycare and Overnight Boarding


Or Contact Us for more info