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Doggy Daycare, Overnight Boarding and Behaviour

The Village

Our daily capacity is a maximum of twenty dogs over any period.

Our standard rate is inclusive of:

·        Full day access to 2000 square metres of safe space

·        Two on-leash walks per day over the entire property (3 hectares)

·        Daily off-leash runs on the full 3 hectares (depends on the dog's recall and prey drive)

·        Regular games and stimulation according to your dog’s likes and dislikes

·        Swimming in a full-size swimming pool for those dogs that enjoy it; access to splash pools all day

·        A daily brush for long-coated breeds and every other day brushing for smooth-coated breeds

·        Citronella-based fly repellent applied twice daily

·        A bath and brush for dogs who spend more than 4 consecutive days with us

·        Administration of medication if required

·        Supervision and interactions with a dog behaviourist*

·        Assistance from kind, compassionate and animal-loving kennel staff

·        Bed time treats

·        A safe and secure individual kennel at night (16h30 to 07h00)

·        Frequent updates via message, good quality photos, updates to our Facebook page


Please note:

  • This is our home - we are resident 24/7
  • We do not charge extra for activities, one on one playtime, photos, etc. Our rate is all-inclusive barring food (owners provide food).
  • Most of our kennels are suitable for between one and three dogs, depending on their size. We have two kennels that are suitable for four dogs.
  • Dogs from different homes do not share kennels.
  • Dogs from the same home may share a kennel if they are 100% happy with each other 100% of the time. If your dogs are fed separately from one another, or do not like sharing a bed, or tend to squabble or fight, they will require separate kennels.
  • We are closed for arrivals and departures on Sundays and Public Holidays. Weekend bookings are always from Friday or Saturday morning, to Monday.
  • Our rates for daycare and boarding are separate. In other words, if you would like your dog to spend the night you will only pay the boarding rate (below). If your dog is arriving in the morning and leaving the same day, the daycare rate applies.   
  • Daycare customers contracted at the time of enquiry and boarding qualify for preferential boarding rates. 


RATES (valid until 28 February 2019)

1 dog: R280.00 per day

2 dogs: R380.00 per day

3 dogs: R450.00 per day

Family room: R600.00 per day (1-4 dogs)


The interior of our standard huts measure 1.5m x 1.5m. Our family rooms measure 2m x 3m. 

*Our rates do not include Canine Coach services if the dog requires it. Please see our Canine Coach tab for behavioural assistance.

Download our (once-off) Booking Form for DAYCARE and OVERNIGHT BOARDING here

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