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As of February 2018, we are adding #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES to our service offering.


Class takes place from 08h00 to 09h30 (90-minute class) on Saturdays, on our smallholding in Chartwell North just north of Fourways, Johannesburg. 




#PUPPYGOALSCLASSES are for the forward-thinking dog owner who sees themselves sharing their life with their dog, and knows that there is much more to the partnership beyond fluffy puppy stage.  


They encompass what should be the goals of every owner with a new pup.


To gain a better understanding of how dogs think, and how we can expose and condition them to all the things that life is going to throw at them, from an early age.


You have your dogs whole life to train for obedience this is about the fundamentals with some obedience thrown in. 

#PUPPYGOALSCLASSES are essentially Life Orientation for puppies.


With #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES we learn about all sorts of different stimuli and scenarios. Our pups learn to think, and relax, and approach new ideas with confidence and happiness. They understand what we want and need, and we understand the same of them.


You and your pup learn about: grooming, clipping nails, car rides, noise, excitement, what to do in a potentially dangerous situation with another dog. The fundamentals of leash work. Recall (coming back when called). Impulse control. Learning about other animals including livestock and cats. Learning how to play (or not play!) with lots of different dogs of varying ages and temperaments. Slippery surfaces, pool safety, crate training. We learn about EVERYTHING.  


We learn what makes dogs tick, why they do what they do (drives), and how we can use their drives to the mutual benefit of dogs and humans.


The outcome: pups and their humans are prepared to spend a lifetime together with as little mess and fuss as possible.


Our balanced methods incorporate heaps of praise and reward and puppies emerge fearless and ready to take on the world! And what you learn with your first puppy enrolled, you will carry forward with you for your future dogs, too.  


Puppies must be between 8 and 12 weeks of age to begin classes.


Please see our FAQs below for commonly-asked questions.


Please note: your puppy DOES NOT need to wait until 16 weeks to join #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES. Please do NOT wait for this period to lapse, it is critical (scientifically!) for the puppy to start before they are 16 weeks old.


Fee Information (valid until 28 February 2019)


One-time enrolment fee of R250.00 includes our administration fee as well as a puppy pack (including a bag premium brand imported food and other goodies).


Fees are R400.00 per month and payable in advance before the 28 th of the preceding month.

Please complete our #PUPPYGOALS enrolment form on the Downloads page or click here, and submit via email.  


You will need:


A treat bag (though one is provided in the puppy pack)

A hat and sunscreen for the warmer days

One hour every Saturday from 08h30 to dedicate exclusively to your #PUPPYGOALSCLASS

Treats for your puppy

Your puppys favourite play toy

To be prepared to scoop your puppys poop immediately with the scoop provided


Your puppy will need:


A well-fitting collar (no harnesses unless for medical reasons)

A 1.2m webbing/rope lead

1 x puppy vaccination must have been administered by a vet (proof will be requested please see our FAQ below in this regard)

A current dewormer and tick preventative, and must be on a suitable preventative schedule

To be in good health


*treats, toys, collars, food and leads will be available for purchase at class


Tea, coffee and water will be available during all classes.




Is #PUPPYGOALS different to puppy school or puppy classes recommended by vets?

Yes. Traditional puppy school has a stronger focus on teaching obedience whereas #PUPPYGOALS is about building the trust relationship with your dog and giving you and your pup a positive introduction to all sorts of social requirements.


Why are the classes so long?

Part of the class is dedicated to relaxation time. Pups learn to relax, and owners learn the importance of relaxation in the life of their pup, and how to encourage it.


Will we be done after a month?

Dogs are individuals and their pace cannot be dictated by humans, so the duration ultimately depends on each pup and their handler. There will be homework! How long you choose to enrol for is your choice, but we see owners signing up month on month as what we do is such fun and so rewarding. 


My vet says I must wait until 16 weeks before taking my puppy out and about?

It is a terrible belief/fallacy that puppies should not be exposed to other dogs before the age of 16 weeks due to immunity. A puppy may get sick and recover; an imbalance in socialisation and habituation lasts forever. We accept puppies from 8 weeks of age if they have had their first vaccination.

Note: puppies that have recovered from parvovirus or distemper are handled differently please ask us for more info if your pup is a survivor.


I got my puppy a few days ago, can we start #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES this weekend?

Puppies must be in their new homes for a minimum of one week before they can start #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES. The reason for this is that 7 days is sufficient to ensure that the puppy is not harbouring a contagious disease such as parvovirus or distemper which is a possibility even with a registered puppy.


Can my kids join #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES with their puppy?

Yes, if they have a good handle on English and can understand instructions given. Some things may be a little high-level for kiddos.


Do we get a certificate of completion?

If you really want one for whatever reason, sure. Training a dog is never truly finished so a certificate doesnt mean much beyond the cheese!


Can we come and watch a #PUPPYGOALSCLASS before committing to enrolment?

Yes by appointment, and as long as you and/or your puppy dont distract the enrolled students.


Is there a play area for kids to wait in while I handle our family puppy in #PUPPYGOALSCLASS?

This is our home and we have a jungle gym etc. however we accept absolutely ZERO responsibility for your child/ren, we wont be supervising them, and we wont be held liable to anything that happens to them in any way or form for any reason.


Is the parking on street or off street?

Off street behind a locked gate. Perfectly safe.


Can I have someone take photos or video of us while we are doing #PUPPYGOALSCLASS?

Sure, as long as there are no distractions to you, your puppy, or enrolled students.


Can I bring my other dog/s with in the car?

If you want them to stay in the car, fine, if they dont bark or cause distractions and unnecessary stress to you or other enrolled students.


Can I enrol for #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES before I have a pup?



Are all breeds accepted for #PUPPYGOALSCLASS?



Will there ever be outings with #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES?

There may be it all depends on where are as a group and what we are looking to achieve.


If I miss a lesson can I make it up?

No, the monthly fee applies whether you attend or not. Commitment is very important in #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES your puppys development doesnt take the back burner if you are busy with other things.


Can someone handle my puppy in #PUPPYGOALSCLASS if I cant attend myself?

Yes, as long as the puppy is familiar and comfortable with that person.


Do #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES take place on public holidays etc?

Yes, unless otherwise specified by the Farm Girls team.


Is there a cancellation policy if we decide to cancel our enrolment or attendance for whatever reason?

There is no cancellation fee applicable, however we require 7 days notice should you intend to cancel your attendance at #PUPPYGOALSCLASSES. Should no cancellation notice be received we will assume your ongoing enrolment and invoice you accordingly. Once you have paid for your month, no amount will be refunded to you.


Can my pup and I join a couple of times a month?

It wont do you or your puppy any good as mentioned previously, commitment is critical here.


What about the weather?

We will train in the rain, we will train in the wind, we will train in the cold and well adjust our lesson plan accordingly.

Should extremes of weather occur we will shift the schedule. It is important to note that in the case of extreme heat, classes will be pushed forward to much earlier in the day; in the case of extreme cold, classes will be pushed back to around midday. Should the timing not work out safely, we will postpone to another day.  

My puppy at 16 weeks already is too old for enrollment. What can I do?

We will establish additional classes with different formats dependent on need; please send us an email to chat about it.